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Competence center for fresh ideas.

Optimal «Core Technology» provider.

Special Electronic Components, Products and Services.


Light, Power & Thermal


Processing & Controlling


HMI & M2M / IoT

Every device and every system needs a way for INTERACTION, a LOGIC behind that and obviously ENERGY to operate. That's what we care about.

We are a project driven business and our point of view is holistic. We take the initiative and search the world to offer technology competence in width and depth. This competence entails the whole hardware and software we offer.

"Even the most ambitious and innovative technology must address the customer’s needs.

We love challenges, matching people and technology and coming up with tailor-made solutions to make you successful."

Robert Jan Suchanek

Head Business Development

Enabler of «Smart Systems».

The boundaries between Hardware and Software are merging.

In case Software is our customers' core business, we deliver the Hardware as a finished "product" in the best possible configuration, including the necessary packaging.

​If the strenght of the customers is Mechanics, we take care of everything else needed for a truly Smart System, from Hardware to Software.

SYM TEQ stands for Symbian Technology. Our target is the perfect Symbiosis.

""We care about the successful combination of look, feel and quality of hardware, ergonomics and simplicity of software.

​Our mission is to deliver the right technology at the right time at the best possible value for the customer."

Jakub Chromec

Lead Technology & Marketing

Excellent fulfilment at reasonable costs. Customers value our leading edge
technologies, services and products.
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"Our multi-brand approach allows us to target specific customer segments and needs.

We have the right products, solutions and distribution channel for our focused customers."

Edvard Tylš

Managing Partner

This is our foundation.

Turnover value percentage of SYM TEQ Group related parties and holder activities:

The SYM TEQ Group is an owner-managed group. The ownership pursues a sustainable growth strategy in selected niche markets of electronics, with the individual areas being given the highest possible entrepreneurial autonomy.

As Group, we offer the symbiosis of the latest hardware and software technologies for the purpose of interaction and communication of people with systems in different application areas and for different industries. This is our future.

"SYM TEQ Group is perfectly positioned to help customers to drive their continuous technology evolution.
​At SYM TEQ, we leverage expertise and capabilities of group companies in order to deliver maximum value for customers."

Daniel Häring

Head SYM TEQ Group

Close to our customers in every way.

SYM TEQ Group is covering a very productive area in Central Europe. We are able to communicate in the local language and we reach the remotest customer in this area within a few hours.

At SYM TEQ you talk to "Solution Architects". We are always eager to work on new topics. You can look forward to a lively and joyful discussion and a corporate culture that is not afraid to experiment.

Our main activities are based in Zürich, Munich, Berlin, Prague and several other Czech cities.

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"Our approach is straight forward, understand what our customers want to achieve.

We listen and put ourselves in the customer's place, in the user's place. We challenge our solution until we are satisfied that it really makes sense."

Manfred Epp

Lead International Sales

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